Coconut fiber based “Bio-Brush”

Bacteria Growing Media           -      B.G.M. 

A Potential Game Changer in Global WWT Industry

 Low Cost Effective Stationary Media for High Rate Biological Filter Reactors

 Commercially  Proven High Performances -​ Water & Waste Water Treatment Applications.

Thousands of Failed Decentralized WWT Systems Across   North America were Restored  

by Retrofitting with Bio-Brush Through Long Fruitful R&D and Implementation joint venture with Karls Aero-Sream LLC

Also Can Retrofit  Existing Centralized  WWTS ​for Enhancing Activity 
 At Lesser Energy costs for taking up higher loads  On Same Physical Footprint
Lower Carbon Footprint- lower Financial and Environmental costs​​Type your paragraph here.

ThuruL SAFE Environment

Research and Development Implementation Bureau

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